Content Management

'Off the shelf' simplicity

eh7 Internet can offer your company a variety of 'off the shelf' web site plugins.

You can add them to your existing site (we can seamlessly integrate any of our products), or you can build your whole site using as many (or as few!) as you like.

Setup and configuration are automated and you choose the level of functionality your site requires. As part of the setup fee the intergation of your current brand into our template system is processed, this then allows you to edit and update content and functionality either by yourself or with help from us.

The available site plugins are:

  • content management
  • survey
  • email
  • ticket
  • shop
  • events
  • project
  • news
  • analysis
  • user profile
  • payment solutions

We believe that by using these web site plugins in various combinations. You can, with a little help from us create and maintain a professional looking and functioning web site for a very reasonable price and in a realisitic time scales - weeks, rather than months.

Our web site plugins give you the control you need and the ability to add and remove functionality as and when you need it. This functionality could be;

  • news area
  • web administration area
  • online shopping and payment area
  • online ticket sales area
  • events search and sales area
  • booking area
  • project management area
  • product info and contact request area
  • customer login areas
  • html or plain text news letter managemant area
  • survey area
  • examination area
  • contact area
  • gallery area

The list goes on and on, as far as your imagination can take it.

All the web site plugins use our content management templating system. This allows you to create the look of your site.

eh7 Internet provide a range of advanced Internet services for business. We develop innovative internet based applications.

We can create any kind of Internet / Intranet based system, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. We use open source software and the linux operating system to develop secure, stable and reliable solutions that work for you.

eh7 also provide internet hosting and support services for all our products and for many other open source products available.

All of our solutions and services are backed up with a high level of support. We aim to take the stress out of using Internet technology, allowing you to achieve your goals online quickly and effectively.

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