Engineered Internet Systems

High quality engineering

eh7 can provide advanced Internet systems, using a combination of hardware and software, tailored to your specific needs.

These systems could be:

  • e-commerce sites
  • service or application provision, ie mail,web,dns,etc
  • high availability systems
  • search engines
  • database driven web based applications
  • security and monitoring systems
  • internetworking devices
  • any combination of the above

We also undertake web site design. We have a team of highly motivated and creative designers that not only create brands, designs looks and vibes, but have an in-depth knowledge of building complex internet based applications. This helps them not only deliver a great looking applications or sites, but also allows them to fit that look into a very functional site, with the ability to change the whole look and feel of the site quickly and easily by using our bespoke templating system.

Our technical team have a wide range of experience, from building the highly sucsesful Unirider ticket system for Stagecoach Plc.(, online email marketing and survey software for eBox software (, and an e-commerce site ( to name but a few. We can plan, implement, and support both hardware and software for whatever you have in mind. If it is Internet or Intranet based then we can deliver.

eh7 Internet prides itself on the ability to build any type of Internet based application for what ever purpose you may envisage. We can do this because we understand the technology of the Internet and what it can do for business. If you have an idea come and talk to us, we can advise and help you to make the right decisions.

All our systems and services are developed using open source software and based on the linux operating system. By using reliable, stable software we can produce systems on time, to budget and with maximum uptime. eh7 Internet can make open source work for you.

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